Corona Virus ~ COVID-19

Like other healthcare entities, we are carefully watching this world-wide pandemic. Like others, we’re trying as best we can to anticipate upcoming challenges.

Rest assured that your health and safety are our paramount concern. To that end, we’re suggesting that those who are thinking about their annual or semi-annual ‘check-up’ postpone making that appointment until we know more.  If, however, you have a problem that you can readily identify (a broken RIC wire, for example), we encourage you to wrap your device securely and mail it to us. We will then call and let you know if anything else was a problem and will mail it back to you or make arrangements for pickup. Our goal is to minimize office visit contact for non-essential services while continuing to provide prompt and efficient care when it’s needed.

We are actively monitoring guidance from the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Medical Group Management Association, the national and Maine Centers for Disease Control and other professional entities, all of whom are providing a wealth of suggestions and information.

Do be safe in these difficult times and let us know how we can help.