It has been said that when one member of the family suffers from hearing loss, EVERYONE suffers from that hearing loss. It’s so true. Whether it’s the shouting or the missed communications, hearing loss is a problem for not only the individual but for everyone around him or her.

Hear Your Family

When someone has lost some hearing you may notice some of the following items.

  • They often misinterpret what you tell them
  • They are easily startled, as they didn’t hear you coming
  • You can’t always get their attention the first time
  • They report that you said one thing when you were talking about something else entirely
  • They say you didn’t tell them something, but others remember you doing so
  • They often need to see you to know you are speaking to them
  • They think you mumble or speak too softly
  • They enjoy one-on-one conversations but shy away from crowds or noisy places.
  • They don’t hear the doorbell or phone ring when you call
  • They seem to daydream and drift more than before and can’t keep them focused on what’s being said around them.
  • They don’t stop or move aside for warning signal, such as sirens, car horns, whistles
  • Their answers aren’t related to the question you asked.

All of these are possible signs of hearing loss.

You have shown your concern so far by attending to someone’s hearing needs. The next step is to see that this person receives quality hearing healthcare by visiting an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Testing defines the degree and type of hearing loss they have and goes on to determine what they can do with the hearing they have left.

If no medical attention is warranted, rehabilitative measures can be discussed. These range from counseling on use of good listening skills to whether hearing aids are likely to help.

Most hearing problems can be helped with a combination of these strategies. What the person does in all up to them. Audiologists don’t pressure a patient to do anything they are not fully comfortable with.

What if you’re ‘From Away’ but the person with hearing loss is here?

It’s always difficult and nerve wracking trying to make healthcare arrangements and decisions from afar. Whether you visit your loved one with a hearing loss regularly or not at all, you can have complete and total confidence when dealing with Acadia Hearing Center. It’s more than just words or a slogan: it’s personalized, caring treatment and it’s dealing with people at all stages of life. Whether it’s cancer treatment causing hearing loss, Alzheimer’s, simple forgetfulness, stubbornness, or any of a dozen other problems, we’re attuned to the issues. Your loved one should enjoy their time spent with us and feel confident and reassured that they’ve been given the best of caring care!

We will NOT sell a more expensive product that that needed by the patient just because you may not be here to ask questions or oversee the process. We value our integrity. We know that SO many people today can easily fall victim to unscrupulous sales tactics and our participation in organizations like the Better Business Bureau is done because we’re able to stand behind our decisions and our promises. When your loved one provides authorization for us to speak with you, we’ll do so gladly. We recognize that long-distance care can be extraordinarily difficult and we’ll do everything we can to make it more simple.

Remember too that Maine State Law provides for a 30 day trial fitting on ALL hearing aids regardless of who they are purchased from. At any time during this trial period, the aid(s) can be returned for a FULL REFUND. Upon request, we’ll lengthen the trial period for a reasonable additional time period. If you’re not satisfied you receive a FULL, no-hassle refund.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to discuss, feel free to call or e-mail us. We’re happy to respond.