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Hearing Aids


Hearing Aids

Acadia Hearing Center dispenses the right hearing aid for YOUR particular hearing problem. If for some reason you have a particular brand preference, we will do everything we can to find a model within their line that will address your specific hearing loss need.

Many of the manufacturers have things of interest on their web sites. You may find these interesting to browse.

Signia (formerly Siemens) —

Starkey —

Rexton —

Oticon —

Widex —

We have not included hearing aid manufacturers whose sales are limited to their own ‘exclusive dealer’ network, nor have we listed companies whose sales are done primarily through retail stores.

While some of the companies above will also sell hearing aids to ‘remarketers’ who will sell you the product under their own brand name, we have found that this often creates difficulties when you are away from home needing immediate repair service. If your hearing aid bears the manufacturer’s name, there’s no question!

The State of Maine guarantees a minimum of 30 days for a hearing aid trial.  Acadia Hearing provides a 45 day trial period.

If you buy a hearing aid through a network, the time period will vary.

The size of the battery and how many hours you use a day affects how long it will last.   In general, batteries last for 7-10 days in many modern hearing aids.

Hearing aids that connect to smart phones will vary depending on how much streaming you do to the smart phone.


You need to check with your insurance for your particular policy.

Simple Medicare does NOT cover hearing aids. Some Medicare Advantage plans do have a hearing aid benefit.

Some insurance plans work with third-party networks, to provide you with a hearing aid at a discount