Hearing Aids

Acadia Hearing Center is licensed by the state of Maine to sell all kinds and types of hearing aids. We also provide service for the hearing aids brands we sell as well as for many others also.

On our website, we’ve tried to provide as much background information as you might want, but we’re always happy to discuss your particular concerns in as much detail as you’d like. Our patient population ranges from teens wondering why they’re different from their classmates on through lobstermen, professional musicians, company executives and retirees. We daily see many folks who are entering late middle age and/or their retirement years who are recognizing that they may have a hearing loss. Regardless of your age or income, we will do our best to find a solution to enhance your hearing ability and your way of life.

Our business philosophy is to offer the best hearing instruments at the lowest possible price. If we don’t sell you the appropriate hearing instrument, we both lose since it’s unlikely you will return when/if your hearing further diminishes. Because of this, we stay abreast of product offerings from ALL hearing aid manufacturers and make our suggestions based on medical rather than financial reasons.

You can see a list of some of the many different brands of hearing aids we offer.

Some additional comments

If a hearing aid dispenser advertises only one manufacturer’s hearing aid, it’s more than likely that they have some type of financial agreement with that product. This arrangement prohibits them – either contractually or for their want of financial enurement – from considering other, perhaps more appropriate, choices for you. They are driven by THEIR business needs and not your best interests! With Acadia Hearing Center, you can rest assured that we have NO such arrangements.

Here’s something else: as more and more individuals are demanding hearing aid coverage, many insurances and membership organizations are providing programs which will ostensibly provide their members/insureds with better services at lower prices. Because some of the insurance coverages only pay benefits to those who participate in their network, we do participate in several networks. However,  you can rest assured that whether you’ve come to us directly or through the referral of your insurance or organization, you’ll receive prompt and courteous care at the lowest possible price.

Beyond these participating arrangements – all of which allow us to recommend what WE feel is in your best interests after having fully discussed the options with you in person – we have NO other business contracts which would give us with an incentive to use a particular brand. All of the affinity and insurance plans with whom we work have a very wide product scope and allow us to recommend several different brands. Thus, you never need worry that we’re going to sell you something that we’re trying to clean off of the shelf or an aid that we’ll make more commission dollars on. Our recommendations are based on our experienced medical judgement coupled with an understanding of YOUR hearing needs.

Our entire focus is on YOUR hearing health – NOTHING ELSE!