Scheduling Information

Making an appointment for almost any service these days takes longer than we’d like. Years ago, you could call and get your car serviced within a day or two, or perhaps even that same day. Now, you’ll need to wait two weeks or more. It’s a problem for everyone.

Sadly, it’s the same for us. The problem arises for a couple of reasons:

First, many insurances over the last three years or more are providing coverage for hearing aids. We are one of the very few audiology practices to participate with all major insurance companies/Medicare Advantage plans and their third-party administrators (more about that here) and everyone is rushing to get hearing aids.

Second, being home due to COVID, many were able to ignore their increased hearing loss. Now that they are getting back out again, their loss is much more disruptive.

Suffice it to say that these two things in particular have placed a great strain on us. We want to be sure that once you become a patient of our practice, if there is any problem, you will not have to wait an inordinate amount of time to see us. We take service very seriously and never want to leave you without an ability to hear once you have gotten your hearing aids.

While it may be several weeks before we can see you the first time, once you are ‘in the queue’, you’ll be taken well care of. If you wait, you’re only postponing the inevitable. Call us for an appointment today.