Musicians and More

If you’re a musician – professional, amateur, or just wanna-be – in whatever field (band, ensemble, or anyplace where sound is loud and/or important, then you should VERY seriously consider having musicians’ earpieces. Protecting your hearing is also important for those who attend concerts, stock car races, monster truck rallies and who hunt, ride motorcycles, etc. ANYWHERE you’re exposed to loud noises is where you need protection – and we can help you!

When you see professionals performing on stage, they’re all wearing what many would describe as ‘ear plugs’. However, you can see how they fit the exact shape of the ear. Some are clear while others are colored, depending on the personal taste of the individual. These essential parts of their stage life are in-ear monitors and connect (either with a wire or wireless) to some piece of equipment such as an amplifier. They allow the performer to hear their own voice/instrument without all of the external noise in the venue. Critically too, they protect their hearing!

Sometimes you may see a savvy concert goer with similar ear pieces. These are likely what really are ‘ear plugs’ but with very special filters to keep the noise within reasonable levels, but still let you hear the full range of sound that you’ve come to enjoy.

Real Life Experience

Our Administrator has very sensitive hearing but his wife wanted to attend a rock concert at the TD Bank Center in Boston (formerly the Boston Garden – a place which can be ‘deafening’….). He was going to wait outside in the car but custom-made ear molds in a patriotic red-white-and-blue color mix allowed him to not only hear and fully enjoy the concert but to even understand what was being said by her and others nearby. She’d got a pair too and rather than suffering from hours of headaches and/or being ‘deaf’ afterwards, they both had a great time and enjoyed the event tremendously.

How We Can Help

We can help by first identifying your specific need. Dr. Cuthbertson then uses his decades of experience to create a custom impression of your ears. We send these off to a mold laboratory which specializes in making the particular type of ear mold or monitor you need. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be enjoying music (or your favorite noisy activity) to the fullest.

Skin sensitivity or allergic to certain materials? There are options galore so that’s not a problem. We fit you with the right item that will feel great and work well!

Costs vary but custom ear molds made especially for you and will protect you from harmful noise are far less expensive than you might imagine. Generally costing under $250, they’ll last for years (sometimes decades) and come with a fitting guarantee for 30 days to make sure they fit just right. (One word of caution: dogs LOVE to chew them so do put them safely out of Fido’s reach when not in use….)

Not Just Music

Oh, and if you have a problem with water in the ears when swimming, custom swim molds are a perfect solution. Less expensive than other ear molds and much better than one-size fits all ‘cheapies’ from the discount store, they’ll help avoid those nasty infections that so many swimmers seem to get.