Your Hearing Changes

Hearing changes – sometimes as a result of your getting older and sometimes as a result of exposure to external noise. Just because your hearing was ‘just fine’ a few years ago doesn’t mean that it is still ok. You may have been told some years back that you didn’t need a hearing aid but maybe – just maybe – things have changed.

ESPECIALLY if you notice a sudden hearing change or total loss of hearing, consult your family physician IMMEDIATELY! This could be an indication of a significant medical problem. Don’t put it off – PLEASE!

For most folks, however, hearing changes occur gradually – and this is why hearing tests are useful from time to time.

You’ll find many offers of ‘free hearing tests’ but we’d caution you that – as the old adage says – ‘you get what you pay for!’ (There’s also the adage that ‘There ain’t no free lunch!’ and that’s true in this case as well.)

We do charge a nominal amount for the hearing tests we perform and feel that this methodology is far more fair to entice you with a ‘free hearing test’ offer. Incidentally, Medicare as well as most insurances will pay for hearing tests when performed by an audiologist. We believe in fair pricing for goods and services and are happy to discuss this with you.

Hearing Aids need checkups too!

In these days when SO many things are disposable (and often costly to replace), it’s nice to know that your hearing aids will respond well to regular ‘maintenance’ (cleaning and adjustment) and we provide that service with every hearing aid we sell.

Adjustments can be made as often as necessary to provide you with optimum performance. Moved near the ocean and the wave noise in the background more troublesome? Come in and let us work with you. Having more difficulty understanding conversations? Maybe you’ve got some ear wax stuck in your hearing aid and a simple cleaning can make it as good as new.

While we don’t include the cost of testing in our hearing aid prices, we DO include free checkups during the life of your hearing aid. We encourage our patients to return at least twice a year so we can take a look at your hearing aid and be sure it’s working to YOUR best advantage.

Yes, it costs us a bit extra to provide this service but in the long run, we know that you’ll be happier with your hearing aid and that as a result you will mention us to others. Half of our patients come to us because of the recommendation of a friend or neighbor. If you’re happy with your hearing aid and it’s working for you, you’ll tell others; if you’re not, you’ll tell others as well. We know that – and it’s why we always want to ensure your hearing aid functions to its maximum potential.

It’s through professional, caring service that we continue our business – and that includes making sure YOU are getting the most from your hearing aid.

Got questions?

Give us a call. We’re happy to be able to speak with you about your needs.